"Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis,
a conviction in the minds of the people that their liberties are the gift of God?"
--Thomas Jefferson
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America Cannot Remain Free Unless
Her Citizens Are Governed by Virtue
Social Issues ARE Fiscal Issues

SOCIAL = FISCAL. It's a very simple and balanced equation. Correct social policy is just as essential as good fiscal policy. Both work hand-in-hand for long-term growth and national success.

American citizens and their families remain our most precious national asset, yet our society seems to have forgotten this concept. We have allowed our political leaders to take America down the wrong path on social issues in the mistaken notion that prosperity can exist without correct social policy.

Important social issues today include abortion policy, marriage law, and illegal immigration. These issues cannot be separated from fiscal policy, because they are interdependent. The following points are submitted for consideration:

ITEM #1 --- Every aborted taxpayer is one less contributor to the Federal treasury to pay the 18 TRILLION in debt we have now, to say nothing of what's being added every day. Since the early 1970's, we've looked the other way while 55 MILLION future taxpayers were being exterminated in their mother's wombs. Just imagine if they (and their children) were alive and contributing to Social Security, and inventing new technologies and cures for diseases.

ITEM #2 --- Every homosexual non-procreative "marriage" deprives society of TWO normal authentic marriages which would result in an average of 4.2 additional taxpayers being born if Americans were reproducing at replacement rate (which we're not) in large part due to ITEM #1.

ITEM #3 --- Currently the Federal Government is opening the flood gates of our southern border to allow a rumbling stampede of hordes of illegal non-citizens into America to compensate for ITEM #1. And the Federal burden of this misguided "solution" is going to add BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS more to the Federal debt, because these largely government-dependent illegals will not earn on average (nor pay taxes on average) equivalent to what the aborted American taxpayers would have paid. Tragically those unborn Americans are DEAD and their illegal "replacements" will never be an acceptable trade-off.

Besides electing the wrong leaders, ordinary American citizens bear their own personal share of culpability for the current status quo, for they have gone to the abortion killing centers in droves to destroy their offspring in a senseless killing frenzy, motivated by the desire to acquire ever more things eagerly provided by corporate America. And these same citizens have embraced homosexual "marriages," believing the lie that such unions are based on equality, (a deception) when the stark reality is that any homosexual union is essentially defective because it's fundamentally non-procreative, regardless of the age of the participants. These abnormal unions can never be normalized. So is it any wonder that new non-citizens are being imported by the Big Government statists as cheap replacements?

Corporate America is also at fault. We were once a capitalist nation, and our national corporations were loyal to American interests. However, as their growth exceeded national boundaries, those corporations evolved into "trans-national" conglomerates without any moral conscience, and certainly little if any loyalty to the nation from which they were birthed. So today, these "corporatists" (not capitalists) or globalists as they refer to themselves, could not care less about social issues and the long-term future of our nation. Now it's all about the money, and nothing but the money. This largely started when American companies decided to export jobs and technology to China, and now Americans seem to have no leverage to rectify this. Oddly enough this was promoted by the U.S. Government when President Nixon believed that trading with communist nations would make them our friends. Tragically this seems to have undermined both our values and our independence instead.

To make matters even worse, the Fabian Socialists have infiltrated the top leadership positions of these trans-national conglomerates, and are redirecting massive capital assets and other resources toward evil purposes like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) which promotes the homosexual agenda of ITEM #2 above.

Today, America is under attack from within and from without. Ordinary citizens have engaged in destructive behavior, contributing to ITEM #1 and ITEM #2 above. Our big National Socialist Government in Washington D.C. is wasting our tax dollars and engaging in massive deficit spending, thus piling up the national debt by the TRILLIONS. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have endorsed amnesty for illegal aliens as per ITEM #3 above. Then add to that the trans-national conglomerates with no accountability doing everything for profit and caring nothing for America's future, and finally add the immoral redirection of corporate funds to truly evil purposes, which will seal America's fate permanently unless the American people wake up.

To sum this all up succinctly, it's looking more and more like America is technically a FASCIST nation; certainly we're no longer a republic. We're ruled by an elite oligarchy loyal to the socialists and the corporatists. The Democrats are the socialists, and the Republicans are the corporatists. We really don't have a two-party system anymore, because both parties support Big Government. Judging from the past history of Nazi Germany in the 1930's, we know that this is not going to end well. We keep slouching toward the ovens more each day as our elected leaders ignore the Constitution they swore an oath to uphold.

Also in an even stranger sense, it seems as if the early 21st century has eerie parallels to the conditions which caused the late great Roman Empire to abandon it's republican form of government in favor of autocratic rule. We know from history that this eventually led to the empire being split in two, and culminating in 476 A.D., the Western Roman Empire collapsed into total chaos with the sacking of Rome. That was the end. The oil lamps went out for good and people were left to fend for themselves in the burning streets against the savagery of the invading marauders.

Some say physical gold will be our best currency in a modern societal collapse. But human history argues strongly to the contrary that brass will be the new gold when our end comes --- loaded brass shell casings that is, (along with the weapons to fire them) and certainly not paper assets, credit default swaps, derivatives, or even fancy homes.

America must wake up to see the deception happening before it's too late. Speaking philosophically, humanity is still debating the great question of the ages --- from the Greek Republic to the Roman Republic to the American Republic:

Can man be trusted to rule himself, or does he require a tyrant to enslave him?

Abortion MURDERS Unborn Children --

Fifty (50) MILLION American Citizens have been murdered in their mother's womb since 1972. Yet, our Declaration of Independence guarantees respect for LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

AMERICA -- Where is thy virtue?

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